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How to Grow Your YouTube Channel Fast

How to grow your YouTube Channel Fast: To make money with your video, you need to learn how to grow your YouTube channel fast with views, shares, comments and likes.

YouTube is a great way of making money on the internet, and anyone can do it.

If you have great content appealing to a particular group, making a YouTube video through your YouTube channel is a fantastic way of achieving a level of financial freedom.

Promotion of products and services through a salesperson is not as productive than social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Ad, and YouTube.

Every professional blogger or YouTuber on the internet love to make YouTube videos for themselves or others to learn how to get your YouTube channel noticed.

The video streaming website is not as complicated compared to other rivals such as Vimeo and VLC.

While going through my Reddit page, I found someone posts 18 bullet point advice on starting a YouTube channel and monetising it.

how to get your youtube channel noticed

The above bullet point might work in some aspects, but the experience is always the best teacher for learning how to grow or promote your YouTube channel free.

If the bullet point is followed, a newbie might get overwhelmed.

But, I come with great news for all new YouTubers, average users, and professionals.

While others are focused on the 18 bullet points above, I will help you go through just three different hacks to help you grow youtube channel fast.

Three Points to Grow YouTube Channel Fast and Go Viral

These three points will help get your youtube channel noticed, promote it and grow it fast.

  • Trends
  • Video Series
  • Clickbait

While doing keyword research, trying trend is one of my favourite thing to do.

Trends are current topics visitors or other users are interested in.

If you can get into trends earlier than others while it is hot, you can easily send a lot of traffic to your YouTube channel.

This is one of the keys used by professional bloggers to get millions of traffic to their channel.

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This is one of the quickest ways on how to grow your YouTube channel very fast.

If the latest trend is about a viral search engine optimization new technique or a cat video surfing, getting into that trend will fetch thousands of traffic regardless if you are a new blogger using YouTube or a professional blogger.

Video Series

To grow your channel fast and complete free on YouTube, you will need to start making video series.

All the successful YouTubers online have video series.

Uploading and posting of different instructional or educational video in different parts are called a YouTube video series.

Video series and Traditional series posting YouTube Video to grow fast

On the right-hand side of the image above, the traditional posting is what many are used to when uploading videos on YouTube.

Traditional posting is when users upload different video types under different structures using YouTube as a video sharing platform.

This is a great way of starting outright? But there is a problem, and that problem is TIME.

A lot of time and effort goes into traditional posting.

I will guide you on how you can do this easily to grow your YouTube channel fast.


Taking time to brainstorm which exact video you want to make is time-consuming and might take several days if ideas are not coming fast.


It not unusual to say preparation takes a lot of time. There is a checklist to go through when preparation is taking place.

To prepare, you might be required to get some pieces of equipment, props, or drive to a location to pick up guests.


When shooting a video, errors will come up from time to time, and you have to film again.

It is important to have an error-free video if you want to see subscribers coming back to your channel.


This is one aspect you will need a professional or need to learn how to edit the video yourself.

Editing takes time, depending on how good you are with the software. Some editing takes 20 minutes, while some take 15 hours.

Obviously, the challenges mentioned above is the worst-case scenario if you are learning how to promote youtube channel free.

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If you are shooting a new video or having another idea to set up, remember the steps mentioned in this article to guide you if you stick with the traditional video posting.

How about Video Series?

A video is a collection of videos made by an individual or organization to pass information with identical objectives.

Almost the same effort put into traditional posting goes to video series too. Still, after a few videos created with a video series, the process gets easier, and the system starts working well.

YouTube works well with a setup system in place. With YouTube, you can post high-quality videos in mass without losing any video quality.

I will now share how you can set up your video series to accumulate views and thousands of subscribers.

In order to proceed, let us quickly go over clickbait.


There are two major types of clickbait.

Good Clickbait

When a title or thumbnail shows up, people click on it to watch your video, and you show it to them.

Good clickbait works well with people who come up with outstanding titles or great thumbnails.

If you have good content on YouTube with a great thumbnail and an amazing title, you will surely have many people clicking on your video and will most likely subscribe and leave you with a nice comment or review.

As mentioned above, a simple clickbait trick will transform your channel and help you understand how to get your YouTube channel noticed.

A good example of a good clickbait can be found on Mr. Beast`s channel. That’s a popular channel right? Mr. Beast uses good clickbait.

Bad Clickbait

This is the opposite of good clickbait.

When practising bad clickbait, videos will start dropping in traffic, more dislikes will show up and bad comments will surely be seen in the comment section.

How to Go Viral on YouTube

We have gone over three basic things you should focus on in order to get your video started.

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How to Grow and Promote Your Youtube Channel Fast For Free

Having 3 to 5 videos ready to post on YouTube is a great way to start running a video series on the video-sharing website.

So, the first step is to brainstorm 3 to 5 video series ideas you would like to share on your YouTube Channel.

A good example is the Jubilee video channel.

grow youtube channel free

Examples of other channels with different video series.

grow youtube channel fast
YouTube video series examples on How to get thousands of subscribers

Its best not to skip any of these steps till it completes.

I usually follow these two easy steps when starting out on how to grow your YouTube channel fast and completely free.

Step One

The first thing to worry about is brainstorming the idea with yourself or with your group.

Step Two

After brainstorming your ideas, use the session to create a different list of video ideas.

Step Three

Follow the trend. The more trendy video posts on your channel, the chances of you getting viral goes up exponentially.

Rhino and marrie are wonderful examples to use as a case study if you want to know how to grow your YouTube channel fast.

Rhino Channel

After you are done, it’s important to attach an eye-catching title or thumbnail to the video series for good clickbait before uploading the video on YouTube.

This simple trick will help your video stands out when a search is done by visitors on the keyword or niche your video series is all about.

I have been using this method for 3 years and it still works fine till date.

If you are consistent in keeping up with trends in your niche or any other niche, posting video series as often as possible, your first viral video will be a moment away.

This is the simple guide on how to get your video to go viral and get rewarded with subscribers, views, likes, and comments on your videos.


To promote your YouTube channel free, following this simple hack will transform your channel and completely increase your channel metrics by 300% or more.

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