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How to Get Backlinks Free

How to Get Free Backlinks – One of the most important factors used by Google to rank a page is backlinks.

There are different ways to get backlinks, but I will show you one simple hack to get unlimited high DA free backlinks.

In order to get free backlinks, you do not have to call or send messages to different websites and blog owners. Most times, you get a lot of advice on how best to get high authority backlinks from owners with broken links, yet, no one is quick to mention the low success rate of such a method.

Backlinks with high authority will help your Google ranking.

To achieve this goal, three major free tools will be required.

The following steps will guide you on how to receive free backlinks.

Step One – Use Facebook

Login in to your Facebook profile and search for groups on Facebook using the following keywords or related keywords such as;

  • Guest Posting Service
  • Free Guest Post
  • Backlink Exchanger
  • Free Guest Posting Service
  • Guest Posting Service
  • Free High DA guest posting service
  • Free Backlinks

The keywords above will trigger out profiles, pages, and groups. Click on the group depending on which device you are using, it should be on the left-hand side.

How to get Free backlinks from Facebook
Free backlinks from high da

From the image above, the keyword trigger other groups to show on the search.

Step Two – Join Facebook Group

To start up your crusade on getting unlimited backlinks, join as many groups that the keywords you used above triggered out from the search result.

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Step Three – Quid Pro Quo

It`s important to understand you will be dealing with a lot of people from different countries. This will particularly help you build better links.

The word Quid Pro Quo got famous in 2019 when the President of the United States of America was accused of using his world power to force investigations into Joe Biden`s son and his business with Burisma technology.

So, how do I do this right? well, start checking out other people’s posts. most times, the groups contain different bloggers with multiple niches who cannot keep up with the demand for content or not from a good English speaking country and needs help reaching the audience in the USA, UK, and other English speaking nations.

Need content on backlinks

From the above, the first image shows someone to post on the group about needing specific sites to post right? while the other image shows the person needs content on his/her website right? this is where quid pro quo comes into play.

I need high authority backlinks from 30 to 70+ high DA (Domain Authority) to boost my Google ranking, so, I offer unique and not plagiarized content in return for a backlink.

Step Five – Ask for URL

It is important to ask for a URL before exchanging your unique content for backlinks. There are harmful sites on the internet that will harm your website. So, it is a proper practice to ask for the URL in order to inspect the blog.

example of facebook backlinks exchanger

The owner of this website is Shawn. I met Shawn via Facebook group ” Free Guest Posting Service”. Shawn had a comment on one of his pages asking for free content in exchange for backlinks from one of his sites. I was surprised and I quickly follow the trend of replies I saw on the post “URL pls”.

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He replied to me via Facebook Messenger with his URL. I navigate to MOZ DA Link checker to check on the website, and I was amazed at how easy it would be to land a free backlink with a domain score of 34 and a spam score of 1%.

I was writing a blog post on “BEST FREE SEO PLUGIN FOR WORDPRESS MUST HAVE IN 2020,” so I decided to give him the content for free backlinks on other websites he controls.

Step 6 – Anchor Text

After sending him the content, he asked me for the anchor text which he would use to link to my page. It depends on which tier you want to rank, but your money page should be your priority.

This method has scored me backlinks for high DA`s people pay for on Fiverr and other freelance websites or forums.


Lastly, make sure you have a mix of dofollow and nofollow link.

Again, backlinks are important to Google ranking. If a higher ranking website can entrust its traffic to you, Google`s algorithms have no choice but to reward you with a higher ranking.

There are other types of backlinks you need too, but a dofollow backlink in text is highly recommended.

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