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How to Find Low Competitive Affiliate Keywords

Affiliate Keywords – Google rewards users with ranking when keyword research is done properly to help visitors reach their goal in a single click regardless if it’s for a search or an affiliate.

If you have a blog, the goal is to rank for every keyword in your niche. Traffic is the measurement of any successful blog or website. Keyword research is expensive and stresses you out if it’s not done properly.

Thousands of experts use tools like Ahrefs, Keyword Finder, and SemRush to get sample data which changes before being crawled by Google sometimes.

In this article, I will walk you through the tried and tested step by step on how you will find affiliate keywords which are low competitive keywords.

Affiliate Keywords

Affiliate keywords are the words that attract visitors just before the purchase of goods, services, or information. A few on the web call this term buyer intent or commercial investigation.

In order to get started with your research, you will need Chrome and four free tools.

This is a newbie approach to keyword research.

Chrome Extension Installation

These are the 4 free tools you need to achieve low competitive affiliate keywords.

This is one of the best chrome extension from SEMrush.


SEOquake How to find affiliate keywords

How to Install SEOquake

Step One

Install the extension

Step Two

Go to settings>>Preferences>>SERP Overlay.

Step Three

Check the following boxes:

SEMrush SERP settings on keyword tools

Moz Bar

MOZ google keywords for affiliate marketing

MozBar is a free software tool from Moz. In order to use this free tool, you will need to register with the free Moz Community.

The extension does not require you to have a paid version or run a free trial.

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Keyword Surfer

Keyword Surfer

Keyword Surfer is a major breakthrough for SERPS. This free extension is a product of Surfer SEO.

Originally was produced to replace the evergreen keyword everywhere, but got a major update a few years back and it’s miles better compare to keyword everywhere premium.

This free tool gives you word count, keyword volume and does magic to help you with SERPs.

How to Install Keyword Surfer

Step One

Install the free tool from Chrome Web Store

Step Two

Surfer keyword settings

Leave the settings in default mode.

This free tool from surfer SEO gives you word count, keyword volume and a lot of information on SERPS.

SEO Ruler Extension


If you want complete 100 result on SERPs, SEO Ruler Extension is the only free tool you need.

SEO Ruler is a very powerful extension for research.

This tool is only used to get the first 100 SERP result in this guide.

How to Start Researching for Affiliate Keywords

Keyword research does not require a lot of paid tools. All four tools mentioned above in this article are FREE and will guide you to get low competitive longtail affiliate keywords.

Step One: Search For a Huge Keyword In Your Niche

Search for the top affiliate keyword in your niche. A good example is “best golf ball”, “best hotel”, best cream”. These keywords have a high volume of search per month and its very competitive.

Unlimited Affiliate keywords

Google keyword suggestion is another alternative that will help you reach good result.

Additionally, use SEO Ruler to display the top 100 results.

Keywords tools for affiliate

Step Two: Scroll Down The SERP Only Low Authority Site

My recommendation for low authority website is simply domains with less than 20 (Twenty) domain authority, less than one year in existence, and indexed less than 100 (One hundred) pages.

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Golf Ball SERPs Low Authority

I was able to find a low authority website that ranks in position 16 using the example above. The example might not meet all the criteria I listed above, but it shows the domain is less than a year and the number of indexed pages is low with low domain authority.

Also, SEOquake was used for binged indexed result to avoid cons of Captcha request from Google.

Step Three: Use Research Tool to Scrape Low Affiliate Keywords

Ubersuggest high ranking of longtail keywords

This is one of the easiest research tools you can also use for free is Ubersuggest by Neil Patel. If you have access to SEMrush or Ahrefs, you can use them to booster this easy step.

Here`s how you use this free tool.

  • Visit Ubersuggest by Neil Patel.
  • Type in the low authority domain you want to scrap its keywords as shown above.
  • Navigate to the “SEO Keywords” section of the tool and look for the affiliate keywords that rank highest for the low authority domain.
affiliate keyword research

Note that some domains will give you a lot of keywords, while some will give you one or two.

UberSuggest Tool

On the left-hand side of the tool, click on “Top Pages” to view the low authority domain`s top keywords for a single page.

Neil Patel Suggest

Neil Patel`s Ubersuggest is not completely free for all its features, so, after three tries, it locks you out and requires you to log in an email as a member to have access to the free tool thrice again.

Step Four: SERP for New Keyword

The second opinion of keyword research is important. So, to check if you are really going after a low competitive keyword, search it again on Google and look at the SERP.

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From the image above, KeywordSurfer will estimate the monthly search volume. Also, Keyword surfer shows the top two results with content greater than 4000 words. In order to outrank such blog post, you need to write a longer and more detailed post to outrank the top results unless you have higher domain authority.

Keyword Surfer is an important tool when looking for unlimited affiliate link keywords to write on and rank on Google for easily. Sometimes, while doing your keyword research, you may stumble into Keyword Golden Ratio.

Step Five: Start Writing Great Content

Now that you have an amazing line up of low affiliate unlimited keywords, its time to start writing to out rank your competitor.

I would not advise you outsource your content writing, but if that will help, kindly get writers to help you with unique content.

While writing yourself, you get to learn a lot from reading and viewing how other content writers help themselves to rank higher on Google.


Its harder to rank for low authority general niche sites.

In order to rank higher, find a specific niche, and use the same method as mentioned above. Google will reward any Good content to rank on their search engine.

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