how to design a wordpress website from scratch complete free beginner tutorial

How to Design a Free Website With WordPress Complete Tutorial for Beginners

This will be the most comprehensive modern tutorial for beginners on how to design a WordPress website for free with theme and plugin package added.

The process of learning how to design your own website is detailed.

I will need your complete attention in this WordPress tutorial specially written for beginners.

If you follow this complete guide on how to design a website with WordPress, you will not have to pay another web designer again.

Process On How to Design a Website With WordPress

There are three major processes you need to follow in order to start learning how to build your own WordPress website for free.

  • Domain Name
  • A Fast Website Hosting Company
  • Complete attention to follow the guide on how to design your own WordPress website free with tips and tricks to follow in this tutorial for all beginners.

Domain Name

Domain Name
An Example of a Domain Name

A domain name represents the address of your website. People have to put an address in their web browsers to access the desired page.

Furthermore, different websites sell domains, but I will be reviewing a recommended website to get all you need before you start to design your own WordPress website free.

Website Hosting Company

Web Hosting Company For Complete Tutorial on How to design a website with WordPress for Beginners Free
Website Hosting Packages

These are companies that give access to individual domains accessibility to the world wide web.

Choosing the right a web hosting company is extremely important if you want to rank good on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, etc.

So, let us dive right into how you start the learning process of designing your own WordPress website from the beginning.

The process will involve the following.

  • How to buy a cheap domain for less than $1
  • Hosting your website on a fast web hosting company
  • Installing your WordPress website
  • General WordPress set up and settings
  • Setting User Profile
  • How to Create and Page on WordPress
  • How to Add Theme
  • How to Brand and Customize Your WordPress website with Plugins
  • Optimizing Your Website with Search Engine Optimization

Are you Ready? Let us start

Domain Registration For Your WordPress Website

Many WordPress beginners have issues for choosing the right domain name or which domain registration company is the best.

A domain name is the letters typed by clients to reach your website.
A good example of a domain name is

the tld on building a wordpress website from the scratch
The most common domain TLDs

How Much Is Domain Registration?

In this guide, I also want to save you a lot of cash while learning for free to build your WordPress website from scratch.

Let me introduce you to this wonderful domain registration and web hosting company called Namecheap. I will talk more about the hosting as the post continue.

A domain registration starts from $1 with Namecheap but it excludes .com to .org to

More thing to be excited about is the Namecheap combo option on their promo page. If you are a new subscriber or you have been on the platform, you can scroll down to the promo to get web hosting service + free domain registration.

The following step should help you purchase a domain on Namecheap.

Step One

Navigate to Namecheap website by clicking here.

Step Two

Scroll down to the promo page.

Namecheap Promo Page
Namecheap Front Page

Upon getting to the page, you will find several promotion going on for new and old Namecheap customers.

popular domain for 99 cent when learning on how create a WordPress website from scratch
Cheap Domain on Namecheap for WordPress Beginners

If you are looking for a cheap website domain, click on the $0.99 per year cheap domain. It is important to know other domains like .com. .net, .org, .co, .ng, .eu and many more which are more expensive.

This WordPress tutorial on how to build or design a WordPress website is for beginners who might be struggling to invest a good amount but still want a quality job done.

Furthermore, after clicking on the link, you will be directed to a page where all the 99 cent domains are listed.

Choose the right domain for yourself or simple continue to check on other by clicking on “Discover all 99 Cent Domain.”

99 Cent Domain for WordPress Website Builder Examples
99 Cent Domain Examples

In order not to overspend after one year, be careful about the renewal of the 99 cent domain you are likely to choose.

Step Three

Cheap Domain name Reg

Type in a domain name of your choice, add to cart if available and proceed.

If you are not sure about the domain you are about to choose, scroll down on the same page, you will discover the domain information.

Domain information example xyz

Step Four

Domain on how to design a website using WordPress for beginners

As a new client on the website, you will be redirected to a checkout page.

The following should be changed or checked before making payment.

  • The domain registration will show up 2 years, so, change it to 1 year only.
  • Enable WHOisGuard and its completely free.
  • While writing this post on how to create a WordPress website for beginners completely free, the Premium DNS on Namecheap is currently free, but the renewal is $4.88 per year. In my opinion, take the Promo now!!!
  • Other upsell of Website Builder, SSL Certificate, VPN, Professional e-mail with hosting packages will be presented to you. As a beginner, I think its alright to just move on from all the upsell till you conclude on which hosting package you would like to host your domain on.

Step Five

The next step is to click on the confirm order, create an account and make payment.

Creating an account on Namecheap

After order confirmation, you will be asked for your payment details.

Namecheap have multiple ways to receive money from clients all over the world. This process makes it extremely simple buy domain and hosting with other packages from Namecheap.

Lastly, click “Pay Now,” and wait a few minutes to receive a confirmation to your own domain.

Hosting Your WordPress Website

I host my websites with Namecheap. If you are new and are just starting with your first WordPress website as a beginner, this is the best web hosting company that will give you all the 24 hours support you to start up your own website from scratch.

Hosting Packages on Namecheap

There are several hosting packages rolled out by Namecheap for beginners and experts alike.

The web hosting company you the following plan.

  • Shared Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • Email Hosting
  • Dedicated Server Hosting
  • VPS Hosting

In this WordPress tutorial on how to design your own WordPress website for free, I will only discuss the shared hosting and WordPress hosting package.

Namecheap Shared Hosting

Namecheap also offers fantastic hosting service for your website domain registration.

This is the best option for a beginner who wants to create the very first WordPress website.

The hosting company offers three plans for customers interested in shared hosting.

  • Namecheap Stellar
  • Stellar Plus
  • Stellar Business
Monthly1 Year2 Years
StellarStellar PlusStellar Business
$2.88$1.58 = $18.44$4.80 = $57.88
20GB SSDUnmetered SSD50GB SSD
3 WebsitesUnlimited WebsitesUnlimited Websites
Free domain Registration (Selected Domains Only)Free Domain Name (Discount on Selected Domain)Free Domain (Discount on Selected Domain)
No BackupAutomatic BackupAutomatic Back up and Cloud Storage
Free SSLFree SSLFree SSL
Free Website BuilderFree Website BuilderFree Website Builder
24/7 Support, Knowledge base and Live Chat24/7 Support, Knowledge base and Live Chat24/7 Support, Knowledge base and Live Chat
WordPress cPanelWordPress cPanelWordPress cPanel
100% Uptime100% Uptime100% Uptime
3 Hosted DomainsUnlimited Hosted DomainsUnlimited Hosted Domains
30 Sub-domainsUnlimited Sub-domainsUnlimited sub-domains

Stellar Hosting Packages

If you are a beginner, the recommended hosting package for you is the “STELLAR SHARED HOSTING PACKAGE.”

It is important to save if you are learning how to create your own blog, business, or niche website.

The stellar hosting package is cheaper if you pay per year, but making a monthly payment is also very cheap compared to other hosting company and what they offer.

All the three shared hosting packages come with free Secure Socket Layer (SSL), but Stellar package does not include Content Delivery Network (CDN).

There are numerous tools online that will provide you with CDN, but the only free and trusted CDN for your website is “Cloudflare.

If you are reading this article and your hosting company did not include SSL certificate for you, well, you can get it for free using this WordPress plugin called, Really Simple SSL Pro.

Also, you can use other Namecheap products like VPN and customize E-mail for free.

Easy WP Hosting Package

Namecheap EasyWP is the fastest around the world, and it is very affordable.

In terms of loaded times, first byte and price, Namecheap EasyWP is the best.

Fully Loaded TimeTime to First BytePrice Per Month
Easy WP0.7 seconds192 milliseconds $1.00 per month (Promo) $3.88 after (Promo)
Kinsta1.29 seconds491 milliseconds $30 per month
Go Daddy0.8 seconds200 milliseconds $12.99 per month
WP Engine0.9 seconds245 milliseconds $30 per month  
Bluehost0.8 seconds396 milliseconds $29.99 per month

Features of EasyWP

* It is hosted on the hosting website cloud

* It is 99.99% Uptime

* EasyWP is faster shared hosting and other hosting service

* Free back up and restoration

* One clicks WordPress Installation

* 24 Hours support

* Available Knowledge Base

* Live Chat With Professionals

* Friendly Dashboard

* Scales effortlessly as visitors to website grow.

EasyWP Price Plan

The EasyWP plan are as follows.


EasyWP starter package is great for beginners who are following this guide step by step. As mentioned earlier, this WordPress tutorial on how to design your own WordPress website completely from scratch is to save you money and still get a quality site up and running.

To start, follow through the promo page to check the latest promo on EasyWP.

Currently, an EasyWP $1 per month promo is ongoing for all customers.

To get this package, follow the same step used above for shared hosting

How to Install Your Website on WordPress

WordPress host millions of website every day.

Installing your own WordPress website depends on your hosting company. I currently own ten hosting accounts with them.

Namecheap, as recommended, do not automatically install your WordPress for your website, but an installed softaculous software will solve that problem in one single click.

SIDE NOTE: At AFRIAKAQUALITY we have transparency. If you sign up with Namecheap using any of the links pointing on this website (Referral link), our company earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Buying from Namecheap using our link will give you access to the FREE domain for one year (com, org, xyz and many more) and you can buy your hosting with monthly payment or yearly payment. I recommend Namecheap cause I personally use it.

It is quite easy to install WordPress software on your new hosting account using SOFTALCULOUS software in your hosting account control panel.

Step One

Login to your website control panel (

cPanel Softaculous Page for WordPress Installation

Step Two

Click on Softaculous App Installer as shown in the image above.

After clicking, you will be directed to various CMS. Choose the WordPress CMS, and from the list.

Step Three

Fill in the details with your domain name, chose the latest WordPress software update and Install.

Filling in WordPress details
Website settings

After installation, you will be directed to a congratulations page.

A link to the backend of your WordPress website will be sent to you (

This is the link you will use in building your WordPress site from the scratch or upload a demo site.

General WordPress Settings For Beginners

This aspect of your new WordPress dashboard is particularly important. The settings are divided into several aspects, and I will take you through each of them.

Step One

Login into your WordPress website dashboard using the link and navigate to “settings.”

General Settings

From the above, click on “General.”

It is important to note that most of the heavy loading has been done by the WordPress team.

If you are a WordPress beginner, kindly follow the steps detailed below.

General Settings for WP
  • Site Title – This is the name of your WordPress website.
  • Tagline – The summary of what your WordPress website is all about.
  • WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL) – This will help the site different from your WordPress directory.

It is also important you change the WordPress Address(URL) and Site Address (URL) from to

  • Administration Email Address – Your official email address to get information and errors about your WordPress website.
  • Membership – If you want people to register on your website to get more information about your goods or services.

Allow membership on your website if you want and leave unticked if you do not want membership on your website.

  • New User Default Role – This is where you automatically assign roles to new members or subscribers.

It should be left as subscribers.

  • Site Language – The language you desire.

I will assume you speak and write the English language if you are reading this article on designing your own WordPress website for beginners free.

  • Time zone – This should be changed according to your time zone.
  • Date Format – Change the date to any desired format.

Step Two

The next step is to click on “Writing.”

Writing general settings should be left alone for all beginners.


Step Three

Setting page for WP

This next step will require a few changes depending on the WordPress website you would like to create or build for yourself.

The following guide will help you through this settings.

Your homepage display – This is the exact page your website is currently showing.

There are two options for your homepage display.

  1. Your Latest Posts – This is the default option setting.
  2. A static Page – If this option is selected, two options will be revealed.

The options revealed are;

Homepage – This will keep your front page to be your main homepage

Post page – This is the optional page to select if you want your visitors to be referred to your blog page or any other page.

Blog Page Show at most – 10 Posts

Syndication feeds show the most recent – 10 items

For each post in a feed, include – Choose Summary

Search engine visibility – Leave unchecked

If you tick this option, Google will not index your website.

Step Four

Setting the “Discussion” is simple. The image below will show you exactly how to go through this settings effortlessly.

WordPress comment setting section
comment section part 2
part 3 of our discussion settings

Click save changes to save this settings.

Step Five

The “Media” settings should be left exactly the way it was.

WP Media

Step Six

The Permalinks settings allows you to choose the permalink structure for your WordPress website. This is an important setting because it controls the look and feel of your WordPress website.

Permalinks settings for WordPress Tutorial

WordPress for Beginners User Profile

On WordPress, Users can edit their profile.

The User Profile setting has a lot of preference that can be of use in further customizing how the backend and other admin settings look like.

Information such as email address, social media handles, site editor, admin colour scheme, your details as the site owner and security to your information.

In order to set your personal WordPress profile as a beginner, click on User >> Profile

Profile for user information on how to design a wordpres website user settings

The user profile is divided into six sections.

Personal Option

Personal Option on how to build a WordPress website from scratch Tutorial Profile User Settings

Personal Option includes the following.

Default Editor

User have a choice of the Classic Editor or Block Editor.

I personally use the block editor.

Visual Editor

This should be left unchecked.

Syntax Highlighting

Should be unchecked.

Admin Color Scheme

This will give a different feel to your WordPress website backend.

I use the “Midnight” option.

Keyboard Shortcuts



It is an important option to check.


how to build wordpress tutorial from scratch Name iotion on user settings

All users have to fill in the WordPress website owner information.


The desired name you wish to log in to your website. This will be set when you are installing your WordPress website using the software softaculous that was mentioned earlier in the article.

First Name

Your desired first name or the name of the organization you are setting it up for.

Last Name

This is optional like any other settings here on how to fill your WordPress profile, but still necessary to fill in even your last name or the name of the organization.


This is required. When you are done creating a WordPress page or a WordPress post, what appears to all reading or viewing is the nickname set on the profile page.

Display Name

Click on the dropdown to see the display name generated for you.

Contact Info

how to create wordpress contact info user setting profile complete tutorial

This section allows you to integrate your social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Soundcloud and etc.

About Yourself & Account Management

Users are allowed to fill in their biography, profile picture and password management setting from the backend.

How to Add New User on WordPress

Another fantastic way of getting free unique content is allowing your website to be used for a guest post.

In order to start adding users, the following steps should be followed.

Step One

How to add new User on WordPress Profile Complete Tutorial

Navigate to your dashboard and click on User >> Add New

Step Two

A new header with “Add New User” with all info required to be filled.

WordPress Profile Setting User Details Example

Finally, click on the add new user button.

How to Create a Page on a WordPress Website

Creating your own WordPress website gets easier with pages and post created on the website for people.

In order to get started with a new WordPress page, the following steps will guide you through.

Step One

Navigate to your WordPress website dashboard

Add New WordPress Page

Step Two

Click on the “Add New” under page menu

Step Three

An editor page will appear. You can continue to create your page using the block editor or classic editor.

WordPress block editor

Step Four

Add a Page Title. In this case, you can create your own Homepage by labelling the page title “Home.”

Add WordPress Page Title

Step Five

Immediately after writing your Page Title, you can start writing or create more blocks to customize your page.

It is important to note for all beginners before you start to design your own WordPress website, take time to go through the terms shown in the image below.

WordPress for beginners tutorial on how to create your own website free

WordPress Document Settings

On the right-hand side of your WordPress page editor, you will find your page or document settings.

Status & Visibility

The status and visibility section controls how you want your page to be viewed.

  • Public – Everyone has the access to view this page and it’s content
  • Private – Only administrators and editors are allowed to view
  • Password – Only viewable via password

Schedule WordPress Page

Scheduling a WordPress page can be done via public settings.

Schedule a WordPress Page for WordPress Tutorial on how to create a website free

If you want to publish your page on WordPress, just click on publish without changing the publish settings.

To schedule a post, click the Pubic >> Immediately. A calendar will pop up for you to choose the date and time for your page to be published.

This section is used to customize the URL of your page or post.

Upload the image that describes the page or post.


The discussion settings controls if you would like comment turned on or off for the page or post.

Page Attribute

This section you can apply a parent page and template to a new page of your WordPress website.

Save Draft

As you round up your WordPress page or post, you can save the page or post if you would like to add a few more stuff to the page or post before publishing live.


This is to preview the page before letting it publish.

All WordPress user can preview with different devices such as.

  • Mobile
  • Desktop
  • Tablet

The first two pages to create for all beginners who are about to use this tutorial to create or design their first WordPress website are the home page and blog page.

How to Add Theme to Your WordPress Website

The visual appearance of your WordPress website/blog is controlled by the type of theme you use. It is important to choose a theme that will help you in the niche you want to start writing about.

After installing WordPress on your blog, a WordPress theme “Hello World” is preinstalled. Your frontend will look like this.

Masterclass WordPress tutorial on how to create theme or change theme on website

This is ugly right? How do we make this right? Well, its simple! The following steps is to change the themes to whatever demo or preinstalled WordPress theme that suite your niche.

Step 1

Go to the backend of your WordPress blog, and click on “Appearance”. Drag your mouse to Theme and click.

Appearance on how to create a theme in wordpress website tutorial

Step 2

There are thousands of Pre-installed themes, but if you wish to get Premium Themes for FREE or pay as low as $1, click here.

How to create a WordPress website for beginners by adding new theme

Click on Add New.

Step 3

You can upload a theme of your choice or you install WordPress Pre-installed theme as shown below.

Upload your own theme or search for a theme that suite your niche.

Contact Info

How to create your own blog of WordPress website from the beginning

You can preview your site once its activated.

How to Add a WordPress Plugin to Your Website

Plugins makes WordPress looks good.

If you are using, then you might have some restrictions to how much plugins you might use or if it shows at all on your dashboard.

But, if you are using, you will get the freedom to control your WordPress backend and design of how the WordPress website will look like.

There are two ways to install plugins on your WordPress website.

  • Free Plugin Installation
  • Premium Plugin Installation

Free Plugin Installation

Step One

Go to your WordPress dashboard and click on Plugin.

WordPress plugins menu

Step Two

Click on the “Add New” button

add new plugin in WordPress

Step Three

Go to your WordPress search directory to search for the plugin of your choice.

I will be using “Revive Old Post” as an example.

plugins list

Step Four

Once the desired plugin appears, click on “install now.”

Step Five

plugin install complete

After installation is complete, click on activate.

Premium or Paid WordPress Plugin Installation

Installing a paid or a premium WordPress plugin is a bit different.

Paid or Premium plugins are not available on you WordPress directory.

The following steps should guide you on how to install a paid or premium WordPress plugin.

Step One

Download the plugin archive.

feedzy wordPress tutorial beginners free zip file

Premium plugins are always in a zip file. A good example is FEEDZY WordPress plugin.

Step Two

After the zip file download, navigate back to your WordPress dashboard.

plugins add new for you WordPress design as a beginner free

Step Three

Click on upload plugin.

upload WordPress plugin for beginners on how to desiign wordpress site

The zip file will be uploaded to your site and you can confirm the plugin only after the upload is complete.

Step Four

Activate your plugin immediately after installation is complete.

plugin install complete for beginners in WordPress tutorial

Top Five WordPress Plugin For Beginners on How to Design a Website From Scratch

There are thousands of plugins in the WordPress directory.

As a beginner learning how to design you first WordPress website sing this tutorial, I will make recommendations on which plugins are useful to you regardless of the website you are building from the scratch.

These are free plugins vital to any WordPress website you would like to create for yourself. Also, it is important to know these plugins have different functions in customizing your WordPress website.

It is important to learn how these plugins work in order to know how to design your own WordPress website from the beginning.

Yoast SEO

This is the most popular search engine optimization plugin in WordPress. Yoast SEO helps to optimized blog or websites for Google search engine.

While working with Yoast, it guides your post to be suitable and tells exactly what is needed for Google to rank the post easily.

Yoast SEO is not just an optimized WordPress plugin, it is upgraded to do other plugins functions like internal linking suggestion, redirection, duplicating page and post and more.

The search engine optimization plugin also has its premium version and other ad-on like Yoast WooCommerce, Yoast Video, Yoast News and Yoast Local.

Alternatives to Yoast SEO is Rank Maths Plugin, Squirrely and All in One SEO

Sassy Social Share

While you are new to blogging, the easiest way to get your first traffic is constant sharing through social media.

Content is king, right? With Sassy Social Share, you are good to go with your contents shared unlimited times.

Sassy Social Share has features to integrate all social media platform with just a single click. The premium version is fantastic with new features added, but as a beginner, or an average user, using the free version is good enough.

WP Super Cache

If you are new to WordPress, you might have not heard of the word cache.

A cache is a software or hardware item reserved storage that collects data temporarily to help apps, browsers and websites load quicker.

So, if your website is slow, you might be missing the cache plugin. One of the trusted cache plugins in the WordPress market is WP Super Cache.

The plugin helps your website or blog to speed up and increase performance. You can check how the plugin helps speed up your website or blog by using free tools to check such as Gmetrix and Google developer speed check.

WP super cache create static file to help speed up the page instead of rebuilding page view one by one.

Alternatives to WP Super cache are WP rocket, WP cache and Hummingbird

WP Rocket

This is one of the easiest plugins to use. WP rocket performs multiple functions and integrates other plugins easily.

WP rocket automatically speeds up your blog once it activates. The plugin will immediately improve your page load time and clear your cache depending on your settings.

The plugin is integrated with other features like Import and export functionality, Gzip compression, Lazy load, CDN (Cloudflare), page caching, pre-cache and more.

The premium version for WP rocket is packed with extended features like minifying java scripts and integrating content delivery network.

For a single website, retails at $49USD for one year and $99USD for three websites while $249USD is for an unlimited number of blogs or websites per year.

Alternatives to WP rocket are WP Super cache, Auto optimize and SiteGround`s super cache

Contact 7 Form

Visitors on any website will navigate to the contact immediately they have a question about the product or services.

Contact 7 form is a great plugin for beginners to integrate their contact forms or contact details.

The plugin is very easy to set up and its integration into WordPress CMS is easy.

This plugin is highly recommended for beginners because of its user-friendliness.

Other alternatives to contact 7 forms are.

Ninja forms, Happy forms, Contact form and Formidable forms.

These plugins can be installed via the WordPress directory if you are using Also, if you want premium themes and plugins, click here.

Optimizing Your Website with Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is one of the most important aspects of building a successful internet business.

If you want to get top rankings on Google and other search engines, you need to learn SEO.

Search engine optimization has changed the way people think about online marketing. It is no longer considered something reserved for high-priced SEO agencies and gurus.

Search engine optimization is actually the process of enhancing the volume and quality of site visitors to a site or a particular web page by search engines.

SEO targets free traffic rather than paid or direct traffic.

There are two objectives behind this: first, to improve the quality of site traffic, and second, to increase search engine ranking. When the number of site visits and searches increases, the number of potential customers or clients increases as well.

Hence, it goes without saying that the number of sales and clients will also grow.

However, even before you start with search engine optimization, you need to be aware of some basic principles and learn how they can help you with your online marketing endeavour.

Search Engine Optimization Principle

First, you must know that content is king. You cannot survive a day without a good website with valuable information.

Second, know your audience. This is one of the most vital aspects of search engine optimization. Know who your potential clients are and what their needs are.

Make a study of what your targeted market wants and look for products or services that will meet these needs.

Third, optimize the Meta tag, title, images, and keywords in your web pages. These will all have an impact on the ranking of your pages in search results.

The use of proper keywords will not just make your site more popular, but it will also make it more visible in search engines.

Keywords in the Meta tag should be unique and informative enough to get the attention of your readers. Also, your keywords must relate to the topic or theme of your site.

The use of keywords in web pages also plays a vital role when it comes to search engines.

A site with poor content will most likely fail to rise in ranking. Moreover, your keywords should be the most relevant ones for your business. They must be able to draw traffic from search engines to your site.

Although Search Engine Optimization is not an easy task, you can be assured that it will greatly improve the ranking of your web pages.

There are many ways on how to do this, such as hiring a professional SEO company or doing it yourself but doing it the right way is always best.


Authenticity matters when it comes to business or a side hustle like affiliate marketing. Having your own website is unusual few years ago, but with the right tools and new CRM like WordPress, it has never been this easy to build your own website as a beginner from scratch using simple tutorials.

As a beginner, this comprehensive guide will definitely help you learn how to design your own WordPress website from scratch.

Finally, learning how to use different plugins for customization and other tools to promote your website is also very important. So, take time to follow through and read more of our post on how to optimize and bring traffic to your website.

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