search engine optimization using yoast SEO

How to Create Content SEO Using Yoast

Search Engine Optimization Using Yoast SEO – Writing a newspaper article and writing for SEO (Search engine optimization) is not the same. Writing SEO article has its own flair and give a different result compared to another form of article writing on the internet.

Officially, only 7-9% of the millions of websites on the internet gets organic traffic to their websites. When search engine optimization is done the right way, the impact on your business will be permanent and enormous. So, if you are looking to monetize your website, increase web traffic and get more for your business, SEO is your best bet.

SEO revolves largely around creating of unique contents for your website, so if you are good at writing quality content or you know how to pursue quality content, this article will help you improve on how to run a successful campaign.

Search Engine Optimization Competition Research

First, Do Competitive Research!

You have all your tools, eye-catching topics in front of you, you open your Microsoft word documents and ready to let your typing fingers get to work! Only there is a piece of tiny information you forgot, and that is called search engine optimization competitive research.

In SEO article writing, before you write anything, it’s best to go spy on your competitor’s content. Check the topics, keywords they use and the LSI that keeps them ranking higher on Google.

Search Engine Optimization using yoast seo

Can I beat them from the top spot? Yes!!! Look at the advantages and disadvantages in your competitor`s content, expand on the strength of the article and highlight the weakness in your own article.

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Starting the Writing

When you`re writing for SEO, there are two major points you need to note in the process.

  • One Keyword and one topic
  • Depth of the article

One Keyword and One Topic

Writing an article requires proper attention to details. When writing, you need to carefully select the keyword that you hope to rank for on Google and use it throughout the article and remember, no keyword stuffing.

When it comes to ranking websites on Google, long detailed article ranks higher on Google compared to short quick article. Google favors content that improves it search engine. Keeping your topic focused on a particular keyword is important. Ranking for the word big kites will rank higher than kites that happens to mention big kites.

Depth of the article

Secondly, you need to go in-depth on that one topic you are writing about. Make sure you give deep details and healthy description of everything without cutting any corners. If you follow these steps, two things you will get to be benefited:

  • Google will view you as an expert on that topic and will give you better rankings.
  • Visitors will automatically view you as an expert and start converting the clicks to whatever currency you cash out.

When it comes to keywords within the content, you just must be smart about it. Plugins like Yoast SEO plugin and Rank Math will help you with a detailed on-page Search engine optimization. Make sure you have your keyword smartly included in your headings and sub-headings. Make sure your article is readable by breaking the articles and including your targeted keywords where it makes good sense with the article.

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Ranking Your Content

If you think your quality content will get you that unique ranking to beat all your competitors, you`re a long way there by writing it. The best way to rank your content out there is through guest posting. Guest posting is simply offering other websites or blog owners your quality unique content for an exchange or recognition of your URL via content, image, or text. A lot of websites or blog owners are on the lookout for fresh contents, so, start writing!

Start Typing

Writing quality content for SEO begins with writing. Stay away from rookie mistakes like keyword stuffing your content, Google is more concerned about how unique your content is compared to the current ranking page on that keyword.

As an expert in your niche, you don`t have to wait too long for Google to recognize your expertise and start ranking your contents higher.

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