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Guide on High Ranking Backlinks For Website

Do you need to find high ranking backlinks for your website?  Are you in need of quality backlinks to your site? In this article, I will teach you how to find backlinks to your site with different examples.

Creating quality backlinks to your website is one of the most important factors considered by Google to increase your site ranking on search engine result page (SERP)

I will be sharing relevant links to different backlinks.

The shared links will help beginners and experts alike to get high-quality ranking backlinks for their websites.

These links will include different types of backlinks for your site. So, if you are in to any of the niche mentioned below, kindly take time to grab this fine opportunity to push your website to Google`s first page.

The backlinks are either profile backlinks or anchor text backlinks.

  • Entertainment
  • Ecommerce
  • Music
  • LifeStyle
  • Travel

So, shall we begin?

If you are looking for an article where you will have to read through multiple pages to understand how to get backlinks, well, this is not the article for you.

So, here are practical examples of websites with high-quality ranking backlinks that will help your entertainment or music niche website.

BandsInTown  DR90

Bands in Town is a fantastic website for musicians and entertainers.

The website metrics is amazing.

If you follow the process below, you will get a link from this website and it is permanent.

creating backlinks to your website

Step One

Sign up as a manager on Bandsintown using the link below.

step by step on how to create backlinks for your website

The process also allows you to sign up using your Facebook account.

backlinks to my website

Step Two

After you click on to create your account, you will be sent a message from Bands in Town official website to confirm your email.

Step Three

Now that you are done confirming your email with the website, the process is much easier.

Step Three A

To get started, click the “Claim Artist Button” and type in your keywords such as “band” or choose the keyword in the search field displayed below.

claim artist for backlinks

Immediately after claiming the “Artist,” click on the artist and allow the options to open up.

claimed artist

Step Four

Click on the Add Event Button found on the right-hand corner of the page and add your title to the “Event Name.”

Add the event and choose between concert and festival.

To finally add your website, you need to go through a series of filling in the festival details. The details include location, date, details of your concert or festival, venue or online, tickets and summary.

Location: – Venue or Online (I chose online)

Date: – Choose any desired date.

BandsIntown Backlinks

If you choose online, you will be given an option to choose to stream. The option allows you to add your website.

Link your websites here for entertainment

Step Five

Finally, you will get the free backlinks to your site immediately after clicking on publish.

publish on creating free backlinks step by step for your wordpress website

To see the live link, select Upcoming tab, then View.

If you want to view your link, just click on the three dotted line and click on view.

View backlinks

How to Create Music & Entertainment Backlinks (Step by Step) Part Two

Brown Paper Homepage

To claim these backlinks on your site, the following step will help you and make the process easy.

Step One

Visit the page

Brownpaper backlinks for free

Step Two

Click on my public profile in Account Menu and add your website to the account menu to get your free backlink.

Afrika quality free quality ranking backlinks for site website

There are other websites to find backlinks to your site with the same process shown above.

  • with anchor text (Subdomain)
  • with anchor text (Main Domain)
  • with anchor text (Main Domain)
broadway world free backlinks for your site wordpress website

Step One

To get started, sign up on braodwayworld using this link.

broadwayworld creating mutiple fre backlinks to your site and website

Fill in all the information above and wait for your confirmation email.

Step Two

After email confirmation, you will need to add your show using this link.
broadway backlink for your site

Fill in the details as shown and more not shown in the image above, but make sure you leave the website space open.

I will be revealing to you how to get a link with your preferable anchor text after adding your show as the guide shows.

In the other part of the form above, there is an option to fill called “show description.” This is where it is suitable to include your hyperlinks.

New Boradway Backlinks for us all

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Creating backlinks to your website becomes easier if you follow the necessary guidelines and processes.

The post will be updated with more high-quality backlink process for you to follow.

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