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Best Free Webinar Software for 2021

From my perspective, the best free webinar software like Demio, EasyWebinar, WebinarNinja and many others have made it easier to host live or recorded events.

If you have high authority in your niche combined with unique content, you will be relevant to the industry in 2021 and beyond.

To stay ahead of your competitors depending on your niche, hosting a webinar with the right software is the perfect way to engage your audience.

However, hosting a webinar also has its own challenges. When recording, a few technical issues might come up, which will lead to debugging or troubleshooting. But, with the right type of webinar software, you can be confident of each session’s outcome.

So, let us dive right into my recommended software to use when hosting a webinar live or recorded.

  • EasyWebinar – Best for Beginners & Social Media
  • Demio – Best for Live Events
  • WebinarNinja – Best for Training or Coaching
  • Livestorm – Best for Ease of Use & Automation
  • WebinarJam – Best for Large Businesses

Before explaining why I choose the 5 software listed above, I want to help you understand how to choose the best webinar software to reach your goal.

How to Choose the Best Webinar Software for You

Most webinar software has related features such as high-quality video and audio, easy to record, easy to share and live chat.

If they all have almost the same characteristics, how do you know which is the best one that suits your needs?

Well, there are basically 3 important factors you need to consider before choosing which software is best for you.

Capacity of Audience

Audience matters. The number of people you can have live on your webinar is one of the main factors to consider when deciding which of the webinar software to use.

This is because, some software is designed for small capacity, while some are designed for large capacity.

If you are not sure of the number of participants attending your webinar, it is best to choose the type of software that upgrades as the number of people attending the session grows.

Additionally, if thousands of people attend your live webinar session, there might be issues if the software is not at the capacity the number of participants logging into the session.


This is an important factor to consider while choosing the type of webinar software you want for yourself.

There are questions to ask like; how easy is it for a participant to join? Is there a restriction to launch on a particular web browser? Do participants have to download an extra plugin to join?

It is important to choose an easy software with a user-friendly interface to help your participants have a wonderful user-experience. So, if the software requires your participant to install a plugin or can only be uploaded from a specific browser, you might want to find another option.

Customer Support System

This is the major factor I consider when buying a software.

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Imagine if you are hosting a new webinar session. After much preparation,  making sure every button and program goes well, the software crashes just 3 minutes before starting the event.

Going will be difficult, but with a proper customer support system, who has 24/7 support to its clients, the sticky situation will be solved as soon as possible.

So, if you are choosing a software to run your live or recorded webinar, make sure you chose a software with 24 hours and 7 days a week support system.

The Different Types of Webinar Software

There are three major types of webinar software you need to know.

  • Live Webinar
  • Recorded Webinar
  • Series Webinar

Live Webinar

This is the type of webinar that will establish your brand easily. When people face the quality of content, they are getting, and they build certain chemistry with you as the brand owner.

Live webinars are very personal, highly interactive, and they are popular with events.

Conclusively, live webinar is the best way to form a relationship with your audience.

Recorded Webinars

This is also called automated webinars. This is new to the marketing world compare to live webinar.

With the recorded webinars, users can schedule meetings to a specific time, record the content, go live or even set an expiring time frame.

Recorded webinars have longer reach because they are easily accessible by participants without worrying about missing the time frame set for the meeting.

Series Webinar

Series webinar conventionally made up of various webinars merged by the same topic either live or automated with the same chain of audience.

This type of webinar usually involves a gradual learning curve for the audience. They are fantastic for webinars with a complex or broader topic.

Naturally, the series webinar takes time, and you need to have authority in your field before taking on this type of webinar.

So, let`s dive into the best webinar software recommended base on your need.

Demio – The best for Live Events

If you are looking for a webinar software that does it all, look no further than Demio.

Demio offers users a great platform for you to host your webinar automated or live. Also, the software has an option for live recording and hybrd mixes.

An interesting feature that needs a special mention is that your attendees do not require any additional download or a special browser to join your webinar in one single click.

Demio best webinar software

So, what makes Demio the best for live events? Well, here are some features that make Demio so attractive in the industry.

  • The platform allows private and public chat functions for live question and answer
  • User can run collective polls
  • Stats can be collected in real-time
  • As a host, you can give audio and video permission to attendees.

Also, if your participants cannot make it to the meeting, Demio has got another feature that allows you to record your event and send it to all participants in one single click.

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Demio is not free, but you can get 14-days free trial for Demio`s growth plan.

The software company offers 3 pricing plans:

  • Starter Plan for $34 per month for maximum 50 attendees
  • Growth Plan for $60 per month for maximum 150 attendees
  • Business Plan for $163 per month for maximum 500 attendees

Livestorm – The Best for Ease of Use and Automation

Livestorm webinar is the jack of all trade of webinar software. The webinar software allows you to run on-demand, automated or live event with just about any objective in mind.

With Livestorm, you can hold a product demo event and hold educational training events with ease.

livetorm webinar tool for all

Another great feature about Livestorm is you do not have to be good with tech to use this webinar software.

Livestorm has an automation feature to reduce your workload. While you are busy with another aspect of the events, the software takes care of promotional emails, registration page for the events and custom event reminder to participant’s email.

Livestorm has features that make it the best for ease of use and automation.

  • The software produces users with an excellent white report and detailed analysis.
  • Attendees can join the event in one single click.
  • Livestorm also has interactive live poll and chats for event participants.
  • The software also allows for Q&A.
  • The software also has screen sharing capabilities

Another feature that stands out Livestorm is the support system in multiple languages.

Furthermore, they have a comprehensive knowledge base on their website to help you understand how to fix, use, and get quick support when needed.

Livestorm Pricing plan:

  • Basic: Free, but only for 10 live participants
  • Premium: $99 per month to host up to 100 attendees
  • Enterprise: This is a personalized plan base on requirement by the client

EasyWebinar – The Best for Beginners & Social Media

If you navigate to the Easywebinar`s website, the software company`s motto on their product is “wildly easy to use live and automated webinar platform.”

Easywebinar is the only software that reportedly integrates marketing strategy with webinar software technology.


If you want to launch your own live event for the first time quickly, Easywebinar will ease you all the way.

All you must do is drag and drop to build yourself a wonderful event.

One of the software’s impressive features is the ability to host a live event and Livestream on another social network like Facebook and YouTube in real-time.

With Easywebinar, you have an unlimited number of attendees who can participate in your event via social media, but they will not have access to interactive features of the software.

So, why is Easywebinar so impressive for beginners?

  • Easywebinar has smooth integration with platforms such as Mailchimp and WordPress
  • The software allows up to four presenters sharing capabilities in one room
  • It has a browser base viewing
  • Quality engagement tracking tool
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Easywebinar pricing plan is on the high side. They have three pricing plans to offer clients:

  • Standard Plan: $78 per month with capacity of 100 participants
  • Pro Plan: $129 per month with capacity of 500 participants
  • Enterprise Plan: $499 per month with capacity of 2000 participants

Easywebinar gives free access for a limited time to clients willing to try out the standard and pro plan.

WebinarNinja – Best for High-Quality Training or Coaching

This software is the closest alternative to Demio. The software rival themselves in design and flexibility of the software.

WebinarNinja is more cost-effective for a smaller group than but still trusted by major players like AppSumo, Podia, and Barmetrics.


With WebinarNinja, you can run live, series, hybrid, and automated type of webinar event.

WebinarNinja includes features like uploading PowerPoint presentation, ability to share information with attendees easily and creating a question-and-answer live section.

Additional features for WebinarNinja are:

  • Easy access for saved marketing materials in the software
  • Multiple integration of well-known systems such as WordPress, ConvertKit, ClickFunnels, MailChimp, and HubSpot
  • Customization of registration and thank you page

Additionally, the webinar software also has great customer support. As a client, you get to enjoy extensive support via email, live chat, and a knowledge base library for any guidance.

Available pricing plan for WebinarNinja:

  • Starter Plan: $39 per month for 100 participants
  • Pro Plan: $79 per month for 300 participants
  • Plus Plan: $129 per month for 500 participants
  • Power Plan: $199 per month for 1000 participants

All the membership plans come with 14-days free trial to get you started.

WebinarJam – Best for Large Businesses

The software is developed for large businesses who are interested in hosting thousands of clients or employees.

If you need a webinar software to host up to 5000 participants, look no further than WebinarJam.

The software is designed to work seamlessly without leaving some awesome features that alternative webinar software users benefit.

Webinar Jam offer for you only

Additional features for Webinarjam.

  • The webinar software allows you to stream directly to your YouTube page so other participants outside your webinar will not miss a thing. The only restrictions to your YouTube fans might be access denied to questions and answers.
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Advance Livechat with excellent 2-way communication.
  • Autoresponder
  • It is compatible with multiple internet browsers.
  • Users can create paid webinars and accept payment through the webinarjam software.
  • 24 hours customer support availability.

The software company have three pricing plan available on offer:

  • Basic: $499/year for up to 500 attendees (14 days free trial)
  • Professional: $699/year for 2,000 attendees
  • Enterprise: $999/year for 5,000 attendees


All the best webinar software mentioned above for free have all the features you need to start your own workshop.

For me, Webinarjam and Demio are the software recommended if you are starting up your own workshop or an event.

The right platform for you depends on the kind of event you want to host.

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